Petra Realty Investors, Inc. sponsors real estate investments and developments in Northern California. Our research driven, analytical approach, allows Petra to locate and acquire investments and develoment opportunities with inefficient market valuations, steady cash flow and the potential for equity appreciation.

To take advantage of market forces that have separated capital from developers and operators, Petra Realty Investors uses limited partnership investment vehicles to enable its investors to take a passive and diversified approach to real estate investing. This strategy allows us to exploit a niche in the market for acquisitions and developments too large for the typical individual investor, yet too small for the active institutional investor. When appropriate, Petra explores the use of joint ventures with land owners. This arrangement is ideal for land owners interested in accessing their property's development potential with the aide of experienced development professionals.

Petra Realty Investors has the following expertise over a wide range a real estate product types: Economic market feasibility, site selection, due diligence research, financial feasibility and analysis, City/Regulatory Agency entitlement processing, project management and leasing/sales advisory. Petra provides these services as a Managing Partner or on a fee for service basis.


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