Petra Realty Investors' Managing Partner takes a thorough, research based approach to each acquisition and development. At the heart of this approach are sound and proven financial principles with an emphasis on discounted cash flow modeling. The integrity of these models are assured through a due diligence process that encompasses all aspects of the modeling inputs as well as market specific knowledge which may be outside the financial realm.

Depending on investor risk aversion and working capital needs, Petra Realty Investors will set up financing ranging from 25% to 75% of the target property's value. This use of leverage will increase returns from steady, predictable investments and take advantage of the currently low cost of capital. Also please note that your limited partnership investment can be structured as part of your Individual Retirement Account.

The allocation of equity and debt will vary over market cycles and the overall lending environment. Each investment's financing will further be evaluated depending upon its individual cash flow characteristics and investor risk aversion. Subsequent to the purchase, Petra Realty Investors will handle all property management duties as well as evaluate divestiture and 1031 exchange options for the partners or venture.


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